Big Serve

Christmas Addition

Christmas Comfort Service

invite someone who needs some comfort this christmas season

Christmas Comfort Service is Sunday December 2nd at 6:00 pm

We are planning a special evening in the Heritage Room; Ali Malott will be our speaker for the evening.  A highlight of the evening will be the placing of a special memento (provided by CPC) on a tree in memory of your loved one.  We encourage all of our church family to attend this special service, whether this season brings you joy or heartache; let’s stand together in love and support as we help to bear each other’s burdens.

Brown Bag Sunday

Supporting the Good Neighbours Care Centre

Pick up your brown bag at the church today and return the full bag Sunday December 16th.

Suggestions for Non-Perishable Items...

Tuna, salmon, mac & cheese, spaghetti, pasta sauce, CANNED fruit,

soups, stews, CANNED pasta meals, peanut butter, jam, tea, 

pork & beans, crackers, coffee, sugar, CANNED vegetables. 

Christmas Care and Share

Blessing others

What is Christmas Care & Share?

It’s simply being involved with making Christmas more joyous for families who could use a blessing.

What is the purpose of Christmas Care & Share? 

Christmas is more meaningful if we experience the joy of giving. While most of us have an overabundance of gifts under the tree, some families can barely do anything extra for their children at Christmas. 

How can I be a part of this project?

By partnering with your church family and filling out the form.

What about delivery?

Calvary Church will do the deliveries, ALL items, gift baskets, food vouchers, toys, etc. MUST be brought to the church on or before Sunday, December 16th