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Cooking with Kindness

This isn't your ordinary cooking class

Do you enjoy cooking? Socializing in the kitchen? And surprising others with Kindness? If so, then you might consider joining us in the Calvary Church kitchen

on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9am-12pm.

This Lifegroup is in partnership with the 'Blessing Ministry' that has been providing meals during the Covid-19 outbreak to caregivers and those in need of a blessing.

Its a group that is making good use of the harvest from our church community garden and food donations.

If you are interested, sign up below and B.Y.O.A. (Bring Your Own Apron)

Activity: Cooking

Who: Anyone who wants to be part of it!

Leaders: Annette White

Where: Calvary Church Kitchen

Time: Monday and Tuesdays 9am-12pm

For More Information Contact:

Myrna Lorenz lifegroups@calvaryptbo.church 

Items to Donate

Non-food Items:

Take-out containers

Medium Sized Freezer bags

Tinfoil Baking pans (Family Sized)

Food Items:

We will take just about anything but here is a list of a few things we could always use a little more of:

Frozen or Fresh...




Meat: Hamburger, Chicken, Turkey, Round Steak (for stewing beef)

Pot Barley






Noodles (Macaroni and Lasagna non-cooked)

Green Beans

If you wish to donate please let us know by clicking the button below