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Student Programs

Explore the student programs at Calvary Church.


We are so excited that you are checking out what Calvary has to offer your students. We currently offer age appropriate ministries for students in grade 6 all the way up to university.

Our dream as a Church is to help people grow to Love God, Love others, and be disciples who make disciples so naturally that is what we strive to develop in our students as well!

Jr. High students (grades 6-8) meet Tuesday night @ Calvary in the Main Auditorium from 6:30-8pm

Sr. High students (grades 9-12) meet every Wednesday night @ Calvary in the Main Auditorium from 6:30-8pm

**The first Week of each month Jr High's join the Sr High's on Wednesday nights for a youth Service & After party where we do big exciting events following our service from 8pm-9:30pm!

If you'd like to know more feel free to email pastor John-Mark by filling out the form below and in the meantime checkout our social media pages to get a glimpse into what we do each week!

Upcoming Event Registration

Click on the cards below to learn more about our upcoming events for Jr & Sr High students at Calvary.

  • Pursue Youth convention is for both our Jr & Sr High students and registration is currently LIVE! The Early Bird rate ends on April 27th**
  • Calibrate Jr & Sr High camp registration opens on Friday April 8th at 12am - Take advantage of our SUPER EARLY BIRD rate available for the first 15 registrations by using the code "superearlybird" at checkout for $50 off our regular ticket price!



We will continue to run joint youth services with both Jr and Sr High's on the 1st Wednesday of each month but We're excited to have our Jr. High's and Sr High's go back to having specific nights for ministry during our Church Wide Meet Up's Semester. This allows us to narrow our focus of ministry on Jr/Sr High specific nights to the age group represented! 



During our Joint Sr/Jr High Services each month we will follow them up with an afterparty from 8pm-9:30pm. This is where we will do our big events like lazertag, glow in the dark nerf nights and Prison break. These monthly services & After Parties are going to be can't miss events! 



Some terminology at Calvary has changed over the summer with one of the big ones being our Volunteer team becoming "the Crew". AllCrew is a monthly leaders meeting where all departments across Calvary will join together for lunch, training, worship, and specific department planning. Students who serve at youth will be invited each month to our AllCrew Events! 

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Calvary Young Adults

Calvary Young Adults is for Students 18+

We meet together monthly for a Young Adult specific service @ Calvary & have Young Adult Meet Ups Happening throughout the city each week alongside our Church Wide Meet Ups Semester.

We have Young Adult Services scheduled for:

  • Sunday April 10th
  • Sunday April 24th

Services happen at Calvary from 6:30pm-9pm! Email us below or DM our instagram account @calvaryptbo.ya to ask any questions you may have.

Click the link below to checkout all the different Meet Ups you can be apart this Semester!

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