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Missions Grant Program

Missions Grant Program- Putting your Missional Ideas into Action


What is the "Missions Grant Program"?

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Have you ever seen a need in your community or neighbourhood? Ever come up with a great idea of how to meet that need, but immediately became filled with doubt and thought, "I don't have the money to do that" which stopped you before you even got started?

Well, here at Calvary we have created the Missions Grant Program to help support YOU as you live on mission in your community.

You come with the idea, the team, the plan, and we'll see how we can help resource you to help your idea come to life.

Get started by filling out an application at the bottom of the page.

The only question left is, 'what is God calling YOU to do?

Tuesday Good Neighbours Care Centre Interview

Good Neighbours Care Centre Interview with SHIRLEY TAITINGER

Wednesday Neighbourhood Prayer Walk

Pastor Bobby Explains a Prayer Walk

Friday Next Gen. On Mission Interview

Interview with Connor Johnson

Sunday Family On Mission Interview

Interview with Jeremy Albrecht

Let us hear what God has placed on your heart by filling out the application below:

Please read the guidelines first before compelting the application