Emergency Hospitalization or Death ONLY Call 1 833 221 2699. All other Calvary Care enquires go to calvaryptbo.church/pastoralcare


Say hello to the leadership team at Calvary Church

Meet our Leadership Team

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Kathleen Van Engen - Church Life Pastor

705-876-1696 x 202

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Bobby Van Engen - Worship and Creative Arts Pastor

705-876-1696 x 218

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John-Mark Giancola - Student Ministries Pastor

705-876-1696 x 206

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Jacayla Perry-Junior High Pastor

705-876-1696 X 220

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Jesse Bone - Children's Ministry Pastor

705-876-1696 x 212

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Emily Bone- Production Coordinator


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Bill Martin - Assistant Pastor

705-876-1696 x 207

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John Northey - Pastor Calvary Deaf Church

Cameron Bell - Account Manager

705-876-1696 x 217

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Melle Jongsma - Facilities Director

705-876-1696 x 237

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Stephanie Webster - Office Administrator

705-876-1696 x 201

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