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Meet Ups (Groups)


What are they?

Meet Ups exist to provide a community for people at every stage of their faith journey. It's an opportunity for a group of people to connect together and grow in their walk with God at their own pace while doing what they love! As you'll see below each meet up doesn't last forever so you can sign up for a new group each semester and get to know a whole new group of people!

There are 3 different types of Meet Ups:

  • Interest-Based, ex - Hockey, painting, biking, fitness
  • Current Needs Based, ex - Grief Share, Parenting, financial management
  • Bible Study Based, ex -Alpha, Book/video studies, sermon based studies

Meet Ups run up to 10 weeks each Semester:

Semester 1 Oct 2nd (8-10 weeks)

Semester 2 January 22 (8-10 weeks)

Semester 3 April 23rd (6-8 weeks)

*Summer Socials (July & August)

Let's Meet Up!

Join Today

If you are interested in joining a Meet up or you want to know what Meet ups are active during the current semester, please click below to see a list!

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Here is a helpful tool to see what Meet Ups are currently happening & to chat with those in your Meet Up, plus so much more!